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About Ramsey Farms Ag Ent.
​   Ramsey Farms Ag Ent. is owned and operated by a partnership of Phil Ramsey , James Ramsey, and Joey Ramsey. James is the day to day operations manager of the company. While phil works as the cfo and business manager. 

We started in the agricultural drainage business about 2008. We were doing our own repairs and minor installations. But after struggling to find a contractor to work with us, we chose to buy our own wheel trencher. 

Since then we have also added a commercial plow to allow for faster and better installation of full water table management drainage systems. We are currently using a Buckeye Link 175 tile plow. We also have taken on the additional equipment to allow us to trench in dual wall mains up to 24 inches in diameter. 

We have grown greatly in our experience and training in and out of the classroom setting.
Phil and James completed a week long course at the Overholt Drainage School in Northern Ohio. This is put on by professor Larry Brown from the University of Ohio, along with several Ohio LICA members. James has also completed all required osha certifications required for the variety of work we do. 

We have grown from working mainly locally to covering a wide service area. We currently work in Shelby,Rush, Hancock, Hamilton, Henry, and madison county. But have the ability to travel and accomodate any job. 

Ramsey Farms Ag Ent. is also an active member of the Indiana LICA assocition. James is the curent Vice president of Indiana LICA.  Through this organization we are able to stay in touch with current trends in the industry along with be involved with research projects to help better the Ag industry.